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Motif IDE

The Motif IDE lets you demonstrate your workflows to automate.


All colors in this template can be easily changed with Global swatches.

Automation => Growth

Automate critical business workflows and scale your workforce.


The Motif API makes manual work programmable, scalable, and composable.

APIs for every workflow

Convert key business processes into powerful automations. 

Motif converts workflow demonstrations into automated scripts that are accessible through simple API calls.

Save your time

Don't spend your time on creating additional pages and components. We create everything for you. Customize and deploy website!

cups of coffee

What's inside

The best template to help you get things done.

home pages

6 variants for
any business

You get 6 variants of the home page for any kind of software website. No matter SaaS, startup, desktop or mobile application, product company, studio, agency or outsource, developers package, library or framework, here you can find the template for all these needs.


Page collection

This template contains 40+ different pages that can be used for software website. No need to create something else, everything already is done!

ui kit

Style Guide

We prepare a rich style guide page where you easily change the "tone of voice" for your project.

How does it work?



Demonstrate your workflow in the Motif IDE.

Compile Workflow

The Motif Compiler converts your workflow into an automated script.


Call API

Run your workflows programmatically with an API call.

Automate your business today

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