Motif gives you a recording of every customer issue ...

... and gives you full context through comprehensive logs


User Activity Logs

A detailed user action log paired with a pixel-perfect recording of your customer's browsing session shows you exactly how to reproduce any JS errors.


Console Logs

A comprehensive recording of the customer's console state, including any uncaught exceptions, helps you monitor the runtime of your application in production.


Network Logs

A performance profile of the customer's network activity further helps you pinpoint the root cause of any issue.

Reproduce every bug

Motif's pixel-perfect recording and comprehensive logging helps you reproduce the trickiest of bugs with unprecedented insight.

Developer Happiness

Motif takes the guesswork out of debugging cryptic JS errors so you can focus on what you do best — delivering great products.

Everything you need

Get all the relevant information for every customer issue without asking your users for screenshots or logs.

Customers Love Motif


Understand your production errors today.