The Motif Advantage
Albert Feng | January 25, 2018

We're excited to introduce Motif Meetings, the world's easiest way to collaborate on any web page.

Motif began with a vision to make digital collaboration simple, lightweight, and seamless; just like it was always meant to be. We realized that the best way to deliver this experience is through a piece of software that everyone already has installed—the web browser.

To create a delightfully simple, collaborative screen sharing experience, we invented a new technology that uses 300x less bandwidth than tools like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, and Google Hangouts etc. Motif sessions are so clear and fast that many people can't believe they're viewing another person's screen and not just their own. With Motif Meetings, there's no more lag, no more performance hogs, no more battery drains, and simply no more worries—Hakuna Matata!

As reference, the average dog is 300x lighter than the average elephant. Also please check out this adorable elephant and dog friendship.

Furthermore, Motif Meetings can be seamlessly recorded and published as documentation for later. Our lightweight recording technology lets you record meetings in realtime and instantly distribute them to the world at the click of a button. Say goodbye to hours of upload times and hoping that your internet speed and connection are healthy!

Upload Time
1 min 27 sec
211 KB
1 min 27 sec
76,700 KB
2 min 4 sec

Screen Recording Comparision between Motif and Youtube Video Format. Here, the Size Ratio between Youtube to Motif is 350:1.

In addition, Motif Meetings enable multi-mouse collaboration which allows all participants to point, highlight, and annotate elements on the screen, just like they would point at a whiteboard if they were in the same room. Check out our gallery page to see a couple examples of Motif in action!

At Motif, we believe that the cornerstone of collaboration is communicating ideas effectively. With Motif Meetings, you can be sure that your ideas are communicated clearly and that everyone will be on the same page—quite literally.

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Yours truly,