Getting Started

What is Motif?

Motif is a bug-reporting product that trims recordings of user actions before and after they encounter an error. Provided in these recordings are user-activity timelines of important actions, logs of JS console outputs, stackframe traces for any errors, and a waterfall view of network requests made during the recording.

With these features, Motif provides web developers with more context to solve difficult, stateful bugs.

Integrating Motif

Once you've made an account at, we'll immediately give you a unique application ID and an embeddable script, like the one below. Just inject the script into your HTML and your product is all set up with Motif!

window.MotifSettings = {
  app_id: 'a_randomly_generated_hex_string'
<script src='//'></script>

User IDs

Motif enables you to associate a user ID with each recording by calling Motif.identify().


This allows you to filter Motif recordings by your privately assigned userIDs (this is done in the Dashboard).

Tagging custom user fields

Motif.identify() supports taking an additional parameter containing extra traits that will be associated with that user.

Motif.identify('app_assigned_userID', {
  name: 'Daenerys',
  email: '',
  nobleHouse: 'Targaryen'

Programmatic Critical Juncture Recordings

Motif enables you to programmatically trigger critical juncture recordings with'critical moment occurred');

A string must be provided as an argument in order for to correctly trigger.